About Us

About Us

fashioncheque is an industry-wide fashion-focused gift card, established in the Netherlands in 2008. fashioncheque is the only gift card company that services multi-country, open loop, multi-currency transactions, based on the cutting edge IT payment solution, which is 100% owned by fashioncheque.  

Since October 2015, fashioncheque is available in Germany, Switzerland and soon in the UK. fashioncheque is an ideal gift, whether it is for birthdays, Christmas, graduation or just for the sake of giving! fashioncheque can also be used as an employee incentive and for other B2B purposes.

fashioncheque is connected with over 20,000 partners throughout Europe. These are both points of sale (supermarkets, petrol stations, convenience stores, post offices, kiosks and fashion retailers) and acceptance points (both offline and online). It comes in a variety of beautiful packaging options, making it the ideal fashion gift out there.



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fashioncheque Holding B.V.
Residential address: the Kruisweg 801 unit C, 2132 NG Hoofddorp, the Netherlands (this is not for visitors)
Telephone: 023 5518130
Chamber of Commerce number: 34252189
VAT: NL819438224B01